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About Rechargeable Chainsaws

What are Rechargeable Chainsaws? Well for a start they are a relatively new development in the Outdoor Tools Department. Everyone or at least most people are aware of their noisey and smokey  Petrol Chainsaw Cousins that have existed since the development of the internal combustion engine, and they have dominated the tree felling and woodworking sectors for nearly a century, or to be more exact since their introduction in the 1930’s.

Before Powered chainsaws were developed trees and wood was cut and pruned using hand saws, a very labour intensive and time consuming task, especially when large volumes of woodland and tree branches had to be cut.

So whats the problem with Petrol Chainsaws you may ask? after all they have been around for a long time.

Well that is true in much the same way that incandescent light bulbs have existed since they were first invented by Edison in the late 1800’s. However things have moved on and technology is improving rapidly on a daily basis, and now we have a vast array of Led’s and highly efficient lighting solutions. However don’t forget before Edison invented light bulbs, people were reliant on candles and lanterns for their light. This was a time when fats and fuels were burnt to create light and heat.

Now if you will for a second, think of the Petrol/Gas Chainsaw in your mind and place it on the evolutinary ladder of Design. In my mind it is somewhere near the middle. It’s the equivalant of the incandescant light bulb. Functional yes, but with flaws that are beginning to be highlighted with the rapid development in modern Battery and Motor Technology.

The future is Rechargeable when it comes to Chainsaws, and Leading manufactures have realised this and have adapted their Product Development approaches rapidly in the last few years to bring rival products to the market in terms of power and performance, and indoing so avoiding the negatives associated with fuel powered units.

Before now there was only one real option if you wanted to purchase a Chainsaw and it was Petrol/Gas Power or Nothing. But Now finally there is another contender in town, one that can Match the Ageing Fuel Powered Champion in every area. IT’S BATTERY TIME!! Click Here to Learn what Makes these Rechargeable Chainsaws So Great!