Best Chainsaws For a Beginner

Best Chainsaws For A Beginner


Using a chainsaw can be a difficult and overwhelming task for a beginner, especially if they aren’t really used to using hand tools in the first place. It is widely known that chainsaws can cause very serious injuries and as statistics will show can lead to deadly consequences in some cases. However being overly nervous is never a good thing especially when using a chainsaw.

There are some fundamental things you must be aware of when using a chainsaw regardless of the type. We will aim to cover these topics in later posts.

There are many potential dangers of using a chainsaw for the first time. The energy requirements required to operate these chainsaws are quite high, and any new person should make themselves aware of several considerations before they start using a chainsaw.

With all the risks associated with mishandling a chainsaw once it is operating, and the vast collection of knowledge that is needed in the process of using one, it is important to find the best chainsaw that will be suitable for a beginner.

It’s a bit like driving a car for the first time, yes of course you could sit into a Ferrari with a stick shift manual transmission and hope for the best, but the chances of there being a costly incident are substantially higher which isn’t what you are looking for.

One good thing about chainsaws is that they are so many shapes, sizes and variants involved which provides the person with more choice to suit a particular need. However, as a beginner, we recommend that you should a suitable mid-range or smaller sized saw, and then as time moves on a little and you become more confident and capable with practice you can upgrade for a bigger version for heavier tasks. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the features of a rechargeable chainsaw that make it the best fit for you as a beginner.

We are going to focus on battery powered chainsaws because we strongly believe that they offer the best option, not just for beginners, but for anyone thinking about buying or operating a chainsaw now and indeed into the future. Here is a post on why you should consider rechargeable chainsaws. Below is listed some of the main things to look out for when selecting a chainsaw whether you are a beginner or indeed have a little more experience with powered hand tools.



For a beginner, power is not the most important thing. Although most chainsaws on the market sell and promote their products in terms of power and their ability to stay functional for a longer time, unless a beginner wants to jump directly into cutting huge trees of up to 20 inches, then the power output of a saw is not so important.

We would like to point out the fact that a chainsaw needs a certain level of power. Power can be important in certain circumstances because it will reduce the chances of a saw jamming which can often be the case when cutting branches, stumps and trees especially with wood of a springy elastic nature like ash or hazel.

Remember poor technique and cutting methods will account for most of these saw jams. So you are much better focusing on technique and improving your cutting efficiency than trying to rely on a powerful saw to get you through at any experience level. You must understand that you control the saw not the other way around, and taking complete ownership of its operation based on an adequate level of understanding is fundamental to its correct and safe use.

For a beginner, it can be very dangerous, handling a high powered chainsaw. Rechargeable chainsaws are a much better fit for a beginner, simply because many of the models are little less powerful, and they can still cut up to 16 inches of wood. Our advice is to go with a lower powered chainsaw until you get experience handling and using it and then select and use a higher horsepower variant. 



The good thing about rechargeable chainsaws is that they are lightweight. For a beginner, weight is a very important factor that they should focus on when selecting a saw. Most people tend to ignore machine weight. What they also fail to grasp is that the weight of the machine they are handling is a direct factor that affects their overall productivity. The heavier the chainsaw the quicker you will become tired from the exertion needed for its use. If you have been using chainsaws for a number of years then having a heavy machine is not a bad idea. However, taking into consideration the higher physical energy requirement of handling heavier chainsaws, lightweight rechargeable chainsaws are without question the best fit for beginners.

The Source of Power


There are three types of chainsaws and all of them have advantages and disadvantages. Gas powered chainsaws are very noisy, complicated and a source of pollution. Although in general they are regarded as the most powerful in the market, we have already stated the point, that power is not the most important consideration for a beginner.

Electric powered plug in type chainsaws have been around for some time however they are restrictive and potentially dangerous because they require electricity to flow through a wire. Which essentially means you are limited with the distance you can travel and will be constantly trying to avoid cutting the power cord while operating.

Rechargeable chainsaws are easy to start, stop and it is also really easy to fit and adjust the chains when they inevitably become loose from use. Given the fact that most beginners don’t have the know-how to maintain chainsaws, this level of simplicity makes rechargeable or even electric powered chainsaws much easier to repair and maintain. We highly recommend battery powered chainsaws for beginners because they are much easier to own and operate and require less maintenance.

The Size Of the Bar


The first question you’re probably wondering is what’s a bar? and what does it do on a chainsaw? Well a bar is the long thin metal blade that the chain goes around. It essentially holds the chain in a horizontal position to enable you to cut the wood, branches etc. effectively. The size of the bar determines the size of the log that you are going to be able to cut through.

However, that doesn’t mean that a shorter chain bar will be a major disadvantage. A beginner especially someone not used to using tools, has not yet gained enough experience and the strength and confidence needed to handle large log cutting and handling. What this means is that beginners should take shorter bars into consideration. They are a beginner friendly option because they are especially easier to maneuver and reduce the weight of the machine overall.

A good idea is to ensure you are able to upgrade your chainsaw bar and chain to a larger size, when you are feeling more confident in taking on meatier cutting tasks. This will usually be the case after you get a little bit more experienced and familiar with what’s required to cut easily and safely.

Top Rated Chainsaws For Beginners


So if you feel you are ready to consider buying your first chainsaw congratulations. A chainsaw will be a fantastic companion regardless of whether you are using it for your own needs in your garden on your farm or in your neighborhood. You might even find yourself using it to help out friends and family who haven’t got their own chainsaw and need to clear or cut away an old tree or rogue branches etc. Regardless of its intended place of use a chainsaw will bring you great joy and satisfaction when used in the correct way. It’s a versatile must have tool for many people.   

There is something within us humans that likes structure and shape. We seem to have an inherent love for order and habit. It can probably be traced back to the time we were hunter gatherers. Back then we needed to deal with vegetation in order to make our lives easier. Whether that entailed clearing away trees to build homes or collecting wood and branches for to use for fire. Either way nature will keep expanding and growing and us humans will keep cutting and chopping away. Luckily our job of cutting wood nowadays is made infinitely more pleasant than having to exert huge amounts of energy using axes and handsaws etc.

We now have the luxury of using wonderfully efficient battery operated chainsaws that actually make this task of wood cutting enjoyable and so much more fun.

Ok with that being said we thought it might be worthwhile to become familiar with a few of these chainsaws to get an idea of what exists. We have listed a few saws below to help you get started as a beginner. There’s a large selection of chainsaws on the market, some good and some that could be better. Our aim is to help guide you to the best rechargeable chainsaw to suit your needs. We will consider features and benefits, price, past reviews, user experience, comfort, safety and a few more relevant factors in order to help you choose a saw that will fit your needs best.

Our focus is not on gas or corded chainsaws because we feel these are technologies rooted in the past. Technology has moved on rapidly in the last number of years. Battery powered chainsaws offer the greatest benefits over any other type of chainsaw.

To start off here are five chainsaws that might interest a beginner. In the interest of fairness we have included a gas powered chainsaw and two corded electric chainsaws and two rechargeable chainsaws. So if the idea of a battery powered saw doesn’t entice you then check out the other alternatives.

(Our Recommendation) Greenworks 40 Volt 2AH Battery Powered Rechargeable Chainsaw 14 inch


This chainsaw is battery powered. It has a long lasting battery that can last up to 3 hours. This makes it one of the longest lasting rechargeable chainsaws currently on the market. The Greenworks Company has been producing great value alternatives for the last ten years. If possible, and you do a lot of cutting we recommend you have two batteries that you can alternate. This will reduce the time needed in between to charge the batteries.

The other good thing is that the battery can charge in just two hours so you will be able to get back to work in lightning quick time. One reason why we recommend this chainsaw for beginners is its simplicity. You will be able to fit and adjust the chain without having to use multiple tools. It requires less maintenance and also has an automatic bar oiler to keep the chain lubricated to reduce friction.

It has sufficient power to tackle every task a beginner will need to complete. The saw is also a viable option for more advanced users who will undertake more challenging tasks. This means you won’t outgrow this saw and you will probably stick with it for a number of years or indeed maybe longer into the future. If you want a saw that is capable of doing heavy tasks then a better option would be the Greenworks 16 inch Saw or indeed the Greenworks 18 inch pro saw.

(Also Consider) BLACK+DECKER 40-volt 2 AMP 12-Inch Cordless Chainsaw


Compared to the Greenworks this is a more compact saw that’s made by the very reputable Black and Decker Company. This saw is lightweight and comes with a smaller sized twelve inch bar, which is two inches shorter than the Greenworks option mentioned above which has a 14 inch bar but is also available in a smaller 12 inch model.

This saw will be ideal for cutting and pruning smaller branches and young trees around the garden. It is also a handy option to use for cutting fire logs into shorter lengths to be prepared for those lovely warm winter fires. It is a great option for preparing and cutting wood to size so it will fit into stoves and ranges. It is a handy starter saw for many people and is less intimidating to use for a beginner. We strongly recommend you consider a saw of this size and weight in order to build your confidence first as a beginner.

(Corded Electric) Black+Decker 15 AMP 18 inch Electric Chainsaw


This is one of the best electric powered chainsaws on the market for beginners. It is very sympathetic to someone starting off and is also reasonably priced. The machine has a low horsepower and is likely to function for a longer time. It has an automatic oiling system to ensure that you don’t have to waste a lot of your time oiling the bar. It also requires less maintenance. It has a tool free chain that you can fit or adjust without having to source other tools and manually adjust it. The only drawback as with all corded chainsaws is you will be restricted because of the cord it’s tethered to.

(Corded Electric) Remington 8 AMP 14 inch Corded Chainsaw?


Remington chainsaws tend to be lightweight and less overwhelming for a beginner. Although this chainsaw is gas-powered, it has a few features that keeps it at the top of the list. One thing is that it has an automatic bar oiler, you are just required to press a button and the bar will be oiled to reduce friction between the bar and the chain. The other worth remembering is this Remington Chainsaw has an 8amp motor and as a result will not be too powerful for a beginner. The chainsaw also has a short 14 inch bar to ensure that a beginner will not get into much difficulty.  This chainsaw looks like it was specifically made for beginners considering its small size, its ease of use and low maintenance requirement.

(Gas Powered) Tanaka 12 inch Gas Chainsaw


If petrol is your thing then it is worth considering this particular saw. Tanka is a well renowned company in the industry known for their high quality chainsaws. Although beginners don’t require high power chainsaws, this is a very powerful chainsaw but it is also friendly and easily operated. It runs on a 32.22 cc engine and is likely to cut big logs and stay operational for a longer time. It is easier to operate for beginners due to its compact size. It also has an anti-vibration system to make it comfortable to use over long periods of time.

Final Thoughts


So to wrap up hopefully you are beginning to understand a little better what you should look out for when selecting your first saw. Feel free to browse the rest of the site for more useful information on everything you will need to know regarding rechargeable chainsaws and why they will remain the best option long into the future. Hopefully this information on this site will help you select the best saw for your needs.

If you are considering using a rechargeable chainsaw or any chainsaw for the first time we would love to hear your thoughts or indeed any questions you may have. Feel free to leave a comment because we would love to hear from you.

If you have recently purchased a rechargeable chainsaw we would also love to hear your overall views and experience using it.

Also if you found this information useful please feel free to share it with others so that they will benefit from it too!

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