Biodegradable Chainsaw Bar Oil


Biodegradable Chainsaw Bar Oil


Have you heard about the newly developed biodegradable chainsaw bar oil? This is one of the most talked about chainsaw bar oils in the marketplace today. The development of biodegradable bar oil is a fantastic development in this industry because it will eliminate a main polluter namely the lubricating oil for the chainsaw bar. If you have been using petroleum based chainsaws for any amount of time you will understand all the environmental discomfort that they can cause.

Those fumes polluting the air, the noise they emit and those bar oils that cause a risk to soil and other environmental pollution, not to mention the health related risks.

The commercial oils that many people have been using to lubricate their chainsaw bars are quite expensive not to mention the trouble they cause for the ecosystem and indeed human health. For this reason, the companies involved decided they had to look for an alternative and so the idea for a biodegradable earth friendly oil was nurtured and worked on until finally a viable alternative was reached.

In this article, we are going to explain everything you should know about the newly created biodegradable chainsaw oil. This is one of the most rapidly growing products in the market today. The motion lotion biodegradable chainsaw bar oil has excellent properties. It reduces overall oil consumption of a standard chainsaw by almost 50 percent compared to the commercially available petroleum based products, which in our book is a brilliant cost saver. 


How to Apply and Maintain


Manufacturers and the blenders of these biodegradable chainsaw oils promote them because of their biodegradability and their non-toxic properties. There are two types of biodegradable lubricants; vegetables oils and synthetics. These two types of biodegradable oils are highly described and documented. However, there is limited information provided by the manufactures regarding the application guidelines and maintenance procedure once they are used as chainsaw chain lubricants.

We will now outline the various types of biodegradable lubricants available and try to point out their specific advantages and disadvantages in order to give you a better idea of how they can benefit you and the environment by their use.


Vegetable Based Oils


This type of Biodegradable oil includes corn, rapeseed, peanut oil, olive oil, sunflower and soybean oils. They consist of triglyceride molecular structures and hence the majority of scientists argue that they have performance limitations, Oxidation stability, poor thermal properties and many more besides.  There are several studies that have been conducted to investigate these claims and most of them put forward the hypothesis that most vegetable oils cannot withstand a reservoir or indeed working temperature greater than 80o Celsius.

These oils also tend to have more issues relating to water absorption. There are several scientists that claim water even in a dilution of a few hundred parts per million can cause serious foaming and degradation problems, however the same could be said for synthetic oil and it is a commonly understood belief that oil and water don’t mix.

These oils also tend to experience low cold-flow abilities. However, they have one major benefit that shouldn’t be understated. They have good lubricating qualities due to their polar nature.

Their polar nature provides for good metal wetting attraction and it also makes them good solvents that really helps keep dirt and debris off metal surfaces. Their molecular formula also provides for a high viscosity. There are several modifications and genetic modifications that have been developed which has enable manufacturers to overcome much of the problems these oils experience. With that in mind, you can be sure that over the time, they are going to be the best alternative to petroleum based oils.


Synthetic Oils


Synthetic oils are available as three primary synthetic biodegradable lubricants.


  • Polyalphaolefins (PAOs)-This is the first primary type which exhibits excellent low temperature properties. However, they tend to shrink rubber seal materials.
  • Diesters-This type of biodegradable synthetic oil has good antioxidation characteristics and seal swell properties.
  • PAGs-They come in two types which are Ethyleneoxide and propylene oxide. The first one is water soluble while the other one is water insoluble. Their only drawback is their tendency to emulsify water in certain equipment. However, they are ideal to use for lubricating a chainsaw chain.
  • The major disadvantage here is their poor solubility with regards to additives. The additives themselves should also be biodegradable and hence this limits the additives that can be used to formulate effective biodegradable lubricants from both PAGs and PAOs.


General Benefits of Using Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil


At this juncture, we will help you understand some of the reasons why almost every chainsaw user is running for this product. One thing that you have never probably thought about is that when you fill your machine with the commercially available petroleum products, they are sprayed into the environment when you start and run the saw. This oil gets released from the bar just after you have started the machine. What we are trying to say is that every time you use a chainsaw, almost 100 percent of all the petroleum products you put into the chainsaw goes out into the environment.

The result is that pollution takes place to some degree. Respiratory tract irritation is also commonplace for the user. This is one of the reasons why companies are being forced to look for an alternative healthier solution.

The thought being that what was needed was an environmental friendly alternative that will not put the person or the environment at risk. That’s is why Biodegradable Chainsaw oil has become popular in recent times. It has several advantages that we thought we should share with you.


  • This oil is over 90 percent Biodegradable within 28 days
  • The oil incorporates a superior biodegradable viscosity which ensures improved product stability and improved lubrication at high temperatures.
  • These oils offer an excellent lubricity. There are several studies that prove vegetable oil lubricity is much better than that of the mineral oil. For this reason, they have a higher efficiency than the mineral oils and that is a good enough reason alone to go for a biodegradable oil for your chainsaw.
  • The other advantage is about their viscosity – They are believed to have a high viscosity index which doesn’t change significantly when exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • They also has a higher flash point – The other point is that they are more combustible than mineral oils.
  • As the name suggests, this oil is environmentally friendly – and using this oil to lubricate the chain poses no threat to the environment because they are natural and non-toxic.
  • The other thing is that this oil is highly effective. Science has proven that biodegradable chainsaw oil has natural properties such as resistance to shear, a high viscosity index and a high flash point. This is what makes these oils highly effective in performing their duties. They are specifically designed to not only lubricate the bar but also protect the cutter and chains on pump-fed chainsaws.
  • They offer better safety to the users – Do you know that commercially available lubricants can potentially affect users either through dermal absorption or inhalation. A chainsaw operates at a very high RPM which can result in oil misting. When it comes to biodegradable chainsaw oil, there’s guaranteed safety. They have a very high viscous levels with anti-fling properties. What this means is that it significantly reduces the inhalation of oil particles by the users. There are several studies that have been carried out to analyse the safety of using biodegradable oil in terms of inhalation and dermal absorption and two of them shows that they are safer that most petroleum-based oils.
  • They are cost effective – In addition to the above benefits, biodegradable chainsaw oils are very cost effective. They are also readily available online. They are a highly sustainable product because of their biodegradable properties. They are available in many of the online retail shops and hence you can purchase them online for added convenience. However, you can also get them from local retail stores in your area.
  • They allow for cooler chain temperatures – The other thing worth noting is that biodegradable chainsaw oil allows the chain to cool better. This means that it will increase the lifespan of the chainsaw and at the same time reduce the adjustment downtime.
  • They have good flow properties at extreme temperatures. The majority of users report at least 50 percent less oil consumption once they start to use biodegradable oil with regularity.


The Disadvantages of Using Biodegradable Oil for Chainsaws


Unfortunately, you cannot have a coin without two sides. Biodegradable oils have a couple of advantages and at the same time they have their own set of disadvantages.


  • They tend to oxidize much quicker in relation to their counterparts. They are one of the fastest oxidizing oils around. Oxidation leads to sludge and gunk build up. We are pretty sure that you don’t want any of the two problems with your machine. This is why Proper Cleaning Procedures are vital to keeping your machine running well.
  • They are expensive. The other thing is that current Biodegradable oils are very expensive. Their price is directly related to the performance and efficiency and hence you shouldn’t care so much about it if you want performance and they will last longer.
  • They perform poorly in high temperatures – This is another drawback that most people don’t want. They are known to lose fluidity when the temperatures rise.


Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil, Is It Worth the Investment?


In today’s world, there are several environmentally unfriendly materials being used mainly in petroleum based chainsaws, and for this reason humans have begun to put extra measures in place to ensure they reduce the risks associated.

One of the leading pioneers of the biodegradable market is oil and lubricant. Although it is good to ensure that you are participating in one way or another, you have to weigh up the scenarios and see whether these types of chainsaw oils are worth the investment on your behalf. The first thing is that they are economically and environmentally friendly.

The other thing is that they are highly effective and hence they are good for a broad range of uses especially if you are not a commercial gardener. In our opinion, performance is still at the top of the list and for this reason, we would use these types of oils especially when not working with large volumes. We still feel that the share of advantages outweighs their disadvantages and hence this is the reason we recommend at least considering using these types of biodegradable oils.


What to Consider Before Switching to Biodegradable Chainsaw Oils


The obvious thing here is that majority of the chainsaw users are shifting from the petroleum based lubricants to biodegradable vegetable or synthetic based oils but there are some things that you should bear in mind before you start on this transition.

There’s no doubt that these lubricants are desirable for equipment used in forestry, mining production and several other industries where it may come into contact with the environment. However, the practical considerations often associated with biodegradable oils are often ignored.

The reality of the matter is that they may be different in their characteristics and hence the conversion needed for their effective use is not as simple as many people would think. What we are trying to say is that there are a couple of things that you should consider before you start such as the operating temperatures, pressure, flow rate and hose materials used. You should also think about the potential of contamination such as dust, dirt and water. The other thing is the quality of the existing filtration system and whether it is sufficient for the new biodegradable fluid.

You should also think about the compatibility of the biodegradable fluid with mineral oil. There are serious problems that can arise if the two oils are not compatible. For this reason, you have to ensure that all the old mineral oil is flushed out fully before the new oil is installed. If you want to know whether the two oils are compatible, you should watch for the following signs; plugged filters, higher than normal wear on some of the components on the machine, increased operating temperatures and leaking oil seals.

You should also be sure of what type of oil to use. Vegetable based oils are suitable for use to lubricate the blade and the chain. What we are trying to say is that vegetable oil should be used on a ‘’once through’’ basis. They should also be used in areas where there’s little chances of water contamination. If you happen to use it on an area where there is threat of contamination, then the filters should be observed more frequently for sludge and gunk build up.

Polyalphaolefins can be used as engine oils if you have a petroleum powered machine but are only really suitable in cold climates. The reason for this is because they are highly compatible with the mineral oils and hence there is no need of flushing out the mineral oils before use. However, they have a negative effect on certain sealing materials which can cause shrinkage.


Final Thoughts


Biodegradable chain bar oils are a fantastic option for anyone considering using a chainsaw. Many of the modern rechargeable chainsaws are beginning to Taylor their machines to run on this earth friendly oil. In our view from both a health and environmental viewpoint using these bio oils is a no brainer. However they do generally cost a little more than conventional petroleum derived oils due to lower supply and high demand. If you have an older chainsaw and would like to switch to a more eco- friendly oil either for your engine or chain bar then it may be worth investigating further, as there are options available to facilitate this switchover.

If you are in any doubt as to the oil you can or should be using you are best to contact the manufacturer or supplier of your chainsaw, and ask them the questions directly. Another option would be for you to visit the local lawn and garden supplies store and talk to someone who knows the trade directly.

Remember using the correct type and grade of oil is very important to ensure the safe and effective running of your chainsaw. Caring for and maintaining your machine will ensure you get many years of happy use without the need for costly repairs or replacements.

If you are considering using or indeed have used Biodegradable chain bar oils we would love to hear your thoughts. What did you find different with them? How did the price compare? Will you continue to use them? Plus any other thoughts or useful observations you want to contribute etc.

You can post them on our Blog Page and discuss them with other visitors.


Thanks Folks and Happy Cutting!