How to Buy a Chainsaw Online

How to Buy a Chainsaw Online


We bet there are probably a couple of reasons you are considering for having a chainsaw around your home. There is no doubt that they are a wonderful machine to quickly and efficiently trim trees, bushes and also take down troublesome trees. They are an invaluable tool and purchasing a chainsaw for your home gardening or even commercial needs is a solid decision. But what else do you need to know before you get your hands on your new chainsaw?


What is a Chainsaw and What Can It Be Used For?


As most people are probably aware a chainsaw is not a toy, it is a very powerful tool used for cutting down trees with ease. It is a highly effective tree and branch cutting power tool that should be handled with due care and respect. It has an engine or electric motor that powers a metal sharp chain driven by a centrifugal clutch. The chain moves around a chin bar at very high speed. When the moving chain gets into contact with any type of wood, its sharp teeth will be dragged across the surface and so the wood cutting takes place.

To operate a chainsaw machine safely and effectively, takes patience and a certain amount of knowledge and skill. For this reason, you have to take due care when operating it since it is one of the most dangerous engine powered tools on earth. There are several different types of chainsaws with different functionality and capabilities.


Gas Powered Chainsaws


This is the most common and the oldest engine run type of a chainsaw on the market. They have been in use for several decades and hence when you hear about a chainsaw, the first type that comes to your head is a Gas-powered chainsaw. The gas powered chainsaws are the most powerful and the most efficient. However, they have a couple of drawbacks including noise, carburetor problems, they are heavy, expensive, and give trouble with starting among many other problems.

They run on Gasoline using a mixture of gasoline and oil where the oil will lubricate the internal portions of the saw to prevent tear and shear while the gasoline powers the engine to provide the cutting force. They are considered to be the most efficient choice when it comes to cutting big trees or when carrying out tasks over an extended period throughout the day.


Corded Electric Chainsaws


Corded electric chainsaws will get the job done too. Their name is self-explanatory. Just as the name suggests, they have a cord that is plugged into an electricity source. Their engines are powered by electrical energy. For this reason, they need to be at all-times connected to a source of electricity. They are considered to be immobile and restrictive due to their corded nature and so you cannot freely carry them around with you unless you have a backup generator.

If you need to perform tree catting tasks in an area where there’s no source of electricity, you will be forced to use a different type of chainsaw. However, they are fine for beginners with light work or those people who don’t perform gardening tasks away from their home.


Rechargeable Chainsaws


We have dedicated a whole site to these wonderful breakthrough machines so you can probably understand our views on them.

This type of chainsaw uses a battery power unit to operate itself. It gives the freedom of a gas powered chainsaw with the clean operation of a corded chainsaw. They are perfect for light and medium work and gardening tasks performed for shorter periods of time.

Rechargeable Chainsaws have many upsides as well as some downsides. They are very safe to use and at the same time they eliminate the need to carry containers filled with oil and fuel everywhere you go. They are also eco-friendly. They don’t produce much noise or smoke when they operate. For this reason, they are the perfect option for small operations near the home.

If you are a home owner who wants to take gardening tasks on your own, then this machine is the perfect for you. They are the most recommended chainsaw types on the market today because their benefits far outweigh their drawbacks.

However, it is worth noting that they are known to be less powerful when compared to gasoline powered chainsaws. They are also limited in terms of their operating time which is largely based on the battery capacity selected. They are designed specifically for small and medium cutting tasks such as taking down smaller sized tree or trimming small trees and branches.


Manual Chainsaws


These types of saws were the first type of chainsaws to be used on earth. They are less powerful and require manual operation. They are also known as Pocket Chainsaws because they are easy to store and portable. For those people who need efficiency and portability and at the same time don’t care about manual input, this may be a suitable option for you. They are made up of a chain that is double-sided and handles on both sides. You are required to move the tool back and forth to facilitate the cutting.


How to Choose the Right Chainsaw for Your Needs?


There are several factors that determine the type of a chainsaw that you buy. When you want to buy a chainsaw and you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. We are here to give you all the basics about the different types of chainsaws available, the factors to take into consideration when selecting any of the types for your needs and also guide you on where to buy and how to go about it.

Before we start on this there are a few things that we need to stress. The type of a chainsaw you buy depends entirely on your specific project requirements, your physical stature and the budget you have in mind. It is not a matter of opinion as to what chainsaw you need to buy. You need to apply some hard and fast rules to ensure you gets a machine that you really want and serves your needs. Our intention in this brief is to clear up any confusion and help you get the best machine that you can enjoy using.

The first thing worth considering before you rush to an online store to purchase a chainsaw is to determine what are the main tasks you intend carrying out and why you are buying the chainsaw to begin with. If you are going to take down medium sized trees, then you can go for a larger more powerful rechargeable chainsaw. However, if you are purchasing the machine to take down medium-large size trees, you will clearly want a tougher machine. If you need the chainsaw to saw occasional offending branch, a lighter more compact machine will work perfectly for you.


Assess the Projects


The trick is to determine every project that you are foreseeing involving a chainsaw. If you foresee involving your machine with a moderate amount of work with some variables, a medium sized machine will walk the walk. If the task is just a routine light maintenance with no variables, a small machine will do the work just fine. However if your budget permits and you feel up to the task we recommend you don’t limit yourself to very small saws because you will be restricted to very light tasks which the saw can handle.


What Kind of Chainsaw Can You Physically Handle?


A large gasoline machine is powerful, noisy, intimidating and hard to manipulate. What this means is that high-horse power gasoline chainsaws need a slightly higher level of expertise and experience to handle especially when starting off.

If you are a beginner and don’t have the professionalism to tackle hard tasks with a chainsaw, you should choose a smaller less intimidating machine. A larger chainsaw is heavy and can be hard to work with especially over extended periods. It also increases the risk of physical injury and property damage if you start cutting beyond your capability. This risk will even increase with the length of the blade also known as the chain bar. For this reason, you need to gauge what machine you feel you can handle and what you cannot.


Types of Saws


As we have already established, there are four types of chainsaws. You can choose from among them according to your personal preferences. If you want a less noisy chainsaw that can perform small and even medium duties, then you should get a rechargeable chainsaw. You can as well go for a corded electric chain if you want an economically friendly machine that is easy to start, operate and maintain. If you are performing big tasks over extended periods that need a higher powered machine, then you may consider going for a petrol chainsaw. If you want to cut a few branches here and there while camping or fishing then a Pocket Chainsaw will be an idea companion.


Chainsaw Engine Size


After you have just made up your mind on the type of the machine you want, the next thing to consider is the chainsaw engine/motor size. You need to sit down and evaluate the different engine sizes. This is measured in terms of engine displacement usually given as CC in gas powered saws and voltage, watts and amps in electric saws. In regards to petrol engines CC measures the amount of air that is displaced by an engine’s cylinder. This capability correlates with how much power is produced so the higher the CC the more power generally speaking. This is something else that you should consider before making your decision. Engines are specified in terms of Light duty chainsaws, Medium Duty chainsaws and high duty chainsaws.


Questions to Ask When Buying a Chainsaw


There are some questions you should ask yourself in order to understand the type of saw you will need in the long run. Here are some of the questions that will help focus and guide you in the best direction in order to find the perfect chainsaw for your needs.


What’s Your Experience Handling a Chainsaw?


If you are buying your first chainsaw, you need to be extra careful. If you have never used a chainsaw before, you should perhaps consider getting a light weight and light duty chainsaw. We recommend beginners to use a guide bar of 18’’ or even less. However, for small tasks like pruning branches, you will probably only need a 12’’ bar. The other thing that determines the size of the blade is the personal requirement of the user. So bear in mind that a 20’’ inch and above bar will be perfect for an experienced chainsaw operator with heavy duty tasks to complete but will not be suited to someone starting off.


What Trees Will You Be Dealing With, Soft or Hard Wood?


This is a consideration when choosing between high/heavy duty chainsaws, medium duty or low duty chainsaws. You need a relatively powerful; machine when cutting hard woods. If you want to cut dogwoods, hickory, birch, oak, ash and beech, you need a powerful chainsaw and sharp chain. The same is true for the size of tree you will be cutting down. The larger the tree the larger the bar that is required.


How Often Will You Be Using The Machine?


If you will be using the machine only a few times a year, we recommend you get a rechargeable or even an electric chainsaw. They require less maintenance and so you will not have to worry about it as much as with a gas powered chainsaw. Gas powered chainsaws require more maintenance and tend to give more trouble when stored over extended periods of time. For this reasons, they are specifically useful for those users who undergo larger cutting tasks more often.


Where You Will Be Cutting?


If you will be cutting on your own land and you need to roam freely from one place to another impeded, you will need a gasoline or a rechargeable chainsaw. However, if you think that you will be going far from home where you have no access to electricity, you need a gas powered chainsaw. Rechargeable chainsaws don’t operate for a long time in most cases before the battery runs down and needs to be recharged. If you have nowhere to recharge this can be a problem, however there are options available you could charge the battery from an ATV or vehicle or indeed use a small generator or just get a gas operated machine for this task if it’s going to be a regular occurrence.


So How Do You Buy a Chainsaw?


Chainsaws along with their spare parts are readily available in several online shops. You can buy them on eBay, Amazon and on the manufacturer’s official websites. The great thing is that you can buy a chainsaw and associated equipment online and get it delivered within a week sometimes even less than that. Many people love the idea of shopping online and in many cases the prices are very attractive. We believe that you cannot beat the convenience of buying chainsaws online because of the wonderful selection and ease at which it can be done. You just make the order in the comfort of your own home and it will arrive delivered to your door in the blink of an eye.  If the idea of online shopping sounds complicated dont worry it isnt! However its not the only way to purchase a chainsaw. You can try looking in your local diy and home supply stores around your locality or even check out lawn and garden shops if they are available. However in many cases you may find the choice somewhat limited and prices a bit on the high side.


Reasons to Buy a Chainsaw Online


  • Sometimes people buy chainsaws online because they are not available locally in their area. Most of the online retailers stock a large range of chainsaws and there are often times when that specific chainsaw is not actually available locally.
  • Price – Goods purchased online are cheaper than those available locally. You can find a chainsaw costing $300 on Walmart, The Home Depot, eBay or amazon but at the same time costing $450 at a local shop or with a local supplier.
  • Selection ­- There are a wide range of similar products from different brands that you have to select from. You have unlimited selection and hence you can make better decisions.

However, there are some people who don’t trust the internet. Some of them want a product there and then. Some others like to talk to sales people to get advice and for negotiations. Some others don’t trust the quality of a product that they don’t see.


How to Buy a Chainsaw Online?


There are several online retail shops that you can go to when you need a chainsaw. They include eBay, Amazon, Walmart and The Home Depot.

  • If you decide to do this on eBay, just log in and select a brand. Every brand has unique features and characteristics.
  • Choose specific features that you want for the chainsaw. You can take all the things we have discussed above into consideration. Also select the safety features.
  • Decide on New or used. Some of the online retail shops sell both new and used or refurbished chainsaws. You have to make up your mind on this matter before you click on buy. EBay and Craigslist have a list of used and new machines if the idea of using a pre-owned saw is not a problem. However, you need to be careful because you will not be able to test or run the machine until it is delivered.
  • Compare the prices. There are different brands with different features, characteristics and different prices. Compare and make up your mind based on what you want. We will offer recommendations to help guide you and make this task a lot easier.
  • So you have selected a new or used chainsaw that has all the qualities you are looking for and has also matched your budget? All that’s left to do is click to make a purchase. Specify your details and make payment transactions as directed and wait for your machine to be delivered. Ensure you buy an extra chain and you also have the right Personal Protection Equipment and oil.


The Bottom Line


We hope we have answered any questions you may have had and at the same time guided you in regards to what you should look for before selecting a chainsaw. After you have received delivery of the machine, it’s time to get it setup and familiarize yourself with the instructions and operating manual.

Buying a chainsaw online is actually a pretty straightforward process. It is the same as buying any other item including tools and machinery. A number of years ago the cost involved in delivering large and bulky items was prohibitive and costly. Nowadays the shipping and postage can even be free in some cases. Delivery times have also reduced substantially meaning the long wait times are a thing of the past. Some online retailers even offer next day delivery which is fantastic. If you have never purchased anything online before don’t worry. Everything is very straightforward as it should be.

You will need a method of payment in order to complete your purchase online so if you have either a credit card, visa debit card or PayPal account then you are good to go. If not ask your bank to provide you with one and sign up with PayPal if you want extra security.

Next setup an account with an online retailer like amazon. Once setup you can then purchase your chainsaw and other items in just a few minutes and they take care of the delivery and shipping the items to you at the address you provide. It’s that simple. Once you accept delivery of your chainsaw it is best to check and make sure everything has been supplied and there are no damaged or faulty parts. If there are then contact the retailer and notify them as soon as you can. In the past this was more of an issue however as quality control standards have improved it is rare to find oversights however they do happen from time to time. Before running out to the first tree in the neighborhood and cutting it down spend a little time learning the correct cutting techniques, safety procedures and maintenance needed to operate your saw correctly. Always ensure you understand everything fully before proceeding… never guess at stuff, and don’t be afraid to ask a local tree surgeon or at a local store where people will have the answer you are looking for.

It is also worth remembering that there are some countries but not many that require all chainsaws to be registered to a specific body. Just get familiar with your country laws and ensure you adhere to all of them.


Thanks Folks and Happy Cutting!