Pocket Chainsaws-Small but Mighty


Pocket Chainsaws – Small But Mighty


For those of you unfamiliar with the fantastic benefits Pocket Chainsaws offer then read on! Pocket Chainsaws offer a compact and a portable means of cutting branches, sawing logs and even felling small sized trees. They were initially designed for survivalists and campers, but today the majority of home owners enjoy using them to clear away rugged brush and vines on their property. However, you should note that they weren’t made for heavy duty tasks and so we would recommend perhaps buying two of them so that in the event one of them breaks down, you can still continue cutting using the other one. They are so small and compact that you can carry the two of them together so you will not have to return to the camp or to the store to get another one.

Many people carry these compact chainsaws in their car’s emergency bags for use in case a downed tree or branches blocks the roadway. The great thing about them is that they’re a really neat, inexpensive and portable means of high powered sawing and can be used any time. They can really help you out whether you are gathering firewood or aggressively pruning in your garden.


History of Pocket Chainsaws


Pocket chainsaws don’t have a very rich history because the whole idea was developed from the already available heavy gas powered chainsaws. There was a need for a cheaper and more light-weight alternative for sportsmen, campers and survivalists. For this reason, the whole idea came into existence and pocket chainsaws were developed, and brought onto the market. If we are being totally honest, there’s no real single use for them specifically. They can be used in many places to perform unlimited tasks.

The unit itself comes complete with the chain saw blade, handles and the connection hooks. It is conveniently packed into a small lightweight can for easy storage and portability. This type of chainsaw is a great alternative to the traditional methods of cutting and can be easily carried in your car, emergency preparedness kit, or even in your camping pack.

The Pocket chainsaw is characterized as a survival chainsaw. It was initially known as the Short Kutt Pocket Chainsaw. Until recently, it was the only type of a survival saw available. However, with time, several other chainsaws were developed.

A pocket chainsaw is made by taking a chain similar to that found on a powered chainsaw and attaching it at both ends to handle grips and minus an engine or motor. What this means is that you are now the engine and so you will need to move the chain with the handles backwards and forwards in order to cut the branches. Although it requires a lot of labor input, it is good for situations when you don’t have your gas, or electric powered chainsaw handy or at times, where it wouldn’t be worthwhile going to the trouble of setting a gas powered saw up for the small task of cutting a few light branches. A similarly quick alternative without the physical exertion is to have a rechargeable chainsaw at hand. They are small and lightweight and provide instant cutting capabilities however no matter how compact they still won’t really fit into your camping pack all that easily like the pocket chainsaw will.


Pocket Chainsaw Features


  • As we have already stated, the first thing you are likely to notice is the existence of a can with hooks and handles for easy sawing.
  • This machine can easily cut 3’’ diameter within 10 seconds.
  • Some of the models are also coated for rust resistance.
  • They also weigh less than 5 oz.
  • When uncoiled, some of them are somewhere close to 28 inches

For the sportsmen and survivalists, this machine can help in cutting firewood, clearing a campsite, clearing shooting lanes, keeping in your auto for emergencies, cutting lumber for shelters and also cutting wood for tree stands. For the home owners, pocket chainsaws can help trim branches, clear away heavy brush and overgrowth, removing tree roots in the field, cutting poles under fences, cutting fallen tree limbs for easy removal.


When Do You Need a Pocket Chainsaw?


Pocket chainsaws are needed in almost all situations. Sometimes you want to get into a certain area and you suspect that you will need to clear away these places for camping or for any number of other reasons. You may not wish to carry around a larger heavier machine like a standard chainsaw, especially if you need both your hands for climbing or balance. In this case you want a lighter alternative and this is the best alternative for this and similar situations.

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Pocket Chainsaws are also good for home owners to help solve smaller gardening tasks. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money purchasing and using a gas powered chainsaw, electric powered or rechargeable chainsaw, then you can opt for this simple gadget to carry out your small tasks. However, if you are a very busy gardener who is always cutting and trimming branches, then this machine may not be best suited as a stand-alone device. One of their drawbacks is that they aren’t very powerful for felling big trees or even for busy schedules.


How Pocket Chainsaws Work


As we have already hinted pocket chainsaws are simple machines at heart. A normal chainsaw chain is attached on both sides making you the engine in order to facilitate the cutting process. Some pocket chainsaws are made to cut on both sides and some others are made to work on one side. If you want to make them more efficient, then one person can hold one side of the pocket chainsaw and the other person the other side. This will ease the work involved in their use.


Advantages of Pocket Chainsaws


The Pocket chainsaw is categorized as more of an accessory chainsaw. For this reason, it comes in a variety of styles and in two primary categories straight and flexible blades. They have several advantages when compared to their counterpart chainsaws.


They are Small, Light and Compact


Who wants to move around with a big and heavy chainsaw machine for small tasks, when you can use a much simpler device that serves the same purpose? Although you will have to put a lot more effort and time (they won’t cut as fast as powered chainsaws) into the cutting process, however they can still get the work done none all the same.


Some of Them Are Powerful


With the advancements in modern manufacturing and technology, different measures have been taken to ensure their efficiency is not compromised. Recently, some of the pocket chainsaws available have become much more efficient and can cut very fast. However, a lot of this depends on the task you want them to perform. If you want to just walk out and cut down small branches in the garden right away, then this machine will serve its purpose quiet well. They can be used for fine work and that comes in handy around the camp or on the trails.

Check out the video of one of these pocket chainsaws in action below! It’s the fantastic Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw cutting down a 5 inch wide tree!




So apart from the the lightweight and compact nature of these saws and of course the ease of use, low maintenance and flexibility of these pocket chainsaws what else makes them a real good solution for the homeowner, prepper, camper and even farmer out there? Well…


They are Very Affordable


If you compare the price of these small but powerful machines with their bigger counterparts, then you will realize that they are cheaper and still get the job done. Some of them cost as low as $20 on Amazon and several other online retail shops.


Disadvantages of Pocket Chainsaws


There are also several disadvantages of using pocket chainsaws. Some of them are discussed below.

  • They require more effort to use
  • They also require effort from both hands. For this reason, most of the people thinks that they are difficult to use.
  • The other thing is that the chain can break


The 5 Best Pocket Chainsaws


Pocket chainsaws are an inexpensive and a portable means of high powered sawing. They can help you whether you are gathering firewood or aggressively pruning back branches in your garden.

So what pocket chainsaws would you recommend then? Well to help you out on your quest to experience the wonders of pocket chainsaws we are going to review the top 5 pocket chainsaws that are available today on Amazon.


1. The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw


The sportsman pocket chainsaw has a very impressive 36’’ chain with the two handles excluded. It also features a bi-directional, self-cleaning sawing system. What this means is that this machine cuts both ways. The other thing is that since it contains self-cleaning sawing, it isn’t likely to hold onto wood bits meaning less time spent stopping and clearing the blade and more time cutting. The product also utilizes heat treated steel which makes it much stronger and more robust. Most of the users of this saw claim that it can cut a 3’’ tree limb in less than 10 seconds.

This chainsaw is hardy, practical and suitable for both the sportsman and the homeowner alike. One thing that users love is the way it cuts. It cuts quickly and without any downtime. However, there are some of them that complain this machine requires a lot of effort to facilitate the cutting.

The other great feature about this pocket chainsaw is that it comes with a nylon front-snap carrying case. You also get a magnesium fire starter as a bonus which is a nice touch. On your part, you need to get the 5/32 chainsaw file in order to sharpen it. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

From the reviews available on Amazon, one user shares that he was skeptical at first about the durability of the device but once used he felt the quality was exceptional. Others have testified that this pocket chainsaw is very effective and it can help you cut a 12’’ truck in just 3 minutes. Only a small few of them have complained about the device, but you will always get this with any product or indeed anything in life.


2. The Chainmate Survival Pocket ChainSaw


This is another very effective pocket chainsaw especially if you are a hunter or if you want to go camping in the woods. If you want to have a very easy and simple experience next time you go camping, you may want to take a look at this survival pocket chainsaw. The chainsaw has excellent sharp teeth that facilitates its cutting ability. It features 3’’X4’’X2’’. It is also 24-inches long. The other good thing about it is that it features carbon steel teeth making it great for all types of wood. The carbon steel teeth will also not get dull as quickly as cheaper steel would.

The Chainmate Survival pocket chainsaw also comes with a pouch and a belt clip so that you can easily and safely store it away. In our opinion, this chainsaw is light weight, portable and efficient. For this reason, if you can get it for your next job or just to have around the home, we are pretty sure you won’t regret it.


3. LivWild 26-inc Pocket Chainsaw


This pocket chainsaw offers excellent portability and power. It again has very sharp teeth to facilitate the ease in chewing through even the toughest of wood. The other good thing with this pocket chainsaw is that it is made with industrial-grade heat treated steel for durability. Among the advantages of this saw is that it also has self-cleaning teeth, has a PDF survival guide, nylon sheath and Mylar survival blanket included. The Livwild 26-Inch Pocket Chainsaw is great utensil for both yardwork and camping trips and is an essential item you should carry with you.

On the other hand, there are some of users that complains about the effort needed. Some others complains that LivWild 26-inch Pocket Chainsaw may get stuck in high tree branches where tension is an issue, so be careful on your cutting techniques when using it.

Unlike the cheap plastic handles that majority of pocket chainsaws come fitted with, this chainsaw comes with Durable Stitched Handles for durability. It makes it very easy and comfortable to hold even when sawing through tough cuts.

It also has a portable pocket sized design – Portability is a key factor to consider when you are choosing a tool for your camping needs. This chainsaw meets all the requirements because it is easy to carry and move around with you.

It is also made from Sharp Industrial grade steel blades which makes it super durable. The steel also holds a sharp edge even after a day of sewing tough grainy wood.


4. Supreme Glow Pocket Chainsaw


This is another great alternative for your camping needs and yardwork. Supreme Glow Pocket Chainsaw has a unique razor sharp blade that chews through wood whether high up or on the forest floor. The chainsaw is also made of a rust resistant coating which is likely to keep the blade in top shape for much longer. The Supreme Glow Pocket Chainsaw is also packed in a small tin for easy carrying and safe storage.

On the other hand, this machine needs a decent amount of tension to cut well. In additional, some users have complained about the handles saying that they tend to come out easily. The Chainsaw teeth do a pretty good job none all the same. In this case, the teeth differ from the convectional chainsaw teeth and for this reason, the effectiveness of its teeth is also questionable. However, it is a good alternative especially when you are cutting wet wood.


5. The HappyCamping Portable Chainsaw


Last but by no means least, this fantastic tool offered by HappyCamping is lightweight, sharp and sturdy. One of the reasons why people are very happy with it is the fact that it has a couple of applications. It features a length of 39’’ exclusive of the handles. It is suitable for wood, bones, plastic, rubber and soft metal cutting. The device also doesn’t need any special maintenance and for this reason, you can re-sharpen it very easily.

After checking the buyer reviews and comments on Amazon and elsewhere, the majority of people who have used this pocket chainsaw are content with the fact that this chainsaw is both good value and efficient. One user says that the handles provides a good grip and the cutting teeth are sharp. If you want a simple cutting machine to help you with all the yardwork or camping needs, then choose the HappyCamping Portable Chainsaw or indeed any of the 5 best pocket chainsaws on this list and you will enjoy endless hours of cutting.

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