Top Chainsaw Brands


Top Chainsaw Brands


Whether you are tidying up your yard, garden or farm or even when you are a professional commercial chainsaw operator, if there’s one thing you cannot overlook it’s the brand choice of a chainsaw.

There are many chainsaw brands on the market nowadays compared to years gone by each offering the public a much wider choice when it comes to selecting a chainsaw.

With so many different brands and features to choose from, you need to ensure you have enough information about them before you decided on the type of a chainsaw to go for. The aim of this article will be to outline some of the best chainsaw brands and manufactures so you can understand a bit more about the pedigree and history of the companies concerned and what makes them solid options when selecting a chainsaw regardless of the type i.e. rechargeable, corded or gasoline powered.

Different manufacturers produce different chainsaws to meet the varying needs of the people who will use these machines. For this reason, you are sure to find the best chainsaw that will fit your needs outlined from the companies listed below.

In this article, we are going to share a selection of top chainsaw brands rated by torque, run-time and value. We have also included both gas powered chainsaw manufacturers, electric chainsaw manufacturers and rechargeable chainsaw manufacturers to give you the best of each category.

So let’s start the ball rolling with one of the oldest and indeed most well established chainsaw brands producing chainsaws for people, Husqvarna.




This is a Swedish Chainsaw manufacturing company. The company has been around since the time manual saws were being developed. It was started a long time ago and it has been operational since the 17th century. With all the experience and expertise they have gathered over the years, it’s no wonder that the company is one of the leading manufacturers in the Industry.

The Husqvarna Company started with the production of muskets and over the time, they have branched out into creating several other products in the lawn and garden categories, light industry etc. It is well known for manufacturing several other products and accessories including Lawn Mowers, Diamond cutting implements and trimmers among many others.

The company produces the most powerful gas powered chainsaws on the market. As a matter of fact, one of the first machines that people usually discover in operation is from this company such is their reach globally. The chances are you will have probably seen products from this company if you have ever visited the lawn and garden section of your local store such is their global reach.

Husqvarna is one of the oldest manufacturers in the industry and so it has got a larger share of the market. However, with the introduction of other small but yet very powerful chainsaw manufacturers, the company somewhat losing the large market share it worked hard to get some time back.

Their range of chainsaw models is phenomenal. What this means is that you will find a model that suits your chainsaw needs from this brand alone.

Their machine are also environmental friendly and even their fuel powered chainsaws are slightly better for the environment than standard saws. They are fitted with an X-TORQ engine which is specifically made to reduce certain impacts on the environment. However, we have found several people complain about the weight of the machines.




This is another very popular brand in America in particular. The company produces some of the widest range of chainsaws. They produce heavy-duty and also light use machines. One good thing about this company is that they concentrate very much on the safety features of their machines. For this reason, their chainsaws are regarded as one of the safest especially for beginners and indeed other people who don’t have a huge amount experience with these type of machines. The other thing to note about this company is that their chainsaws are very affordable. They are also easy to maintain and repair.

What makes Remington unique is that they have for a longer time created a variety of reliable and durable chainsaws. Their chainsaws are also sold at an affordable price, however the company still provides features on their machines which are mostly found on more expensive brands.

The Remington Company is famous for their highly functional gas powered chainsaws. One of their most famous gas powered chainsaw models is Remington RM5118R Rodeo unit. The other thing to note is that almost every model from this manufacturer has something new to offer and the company is quite innovative in their approach which means you will experience the fruits of innovation and development without the steep price tag.




The Makita Chainsaw Manufacturing Company was founded in 1915 in Japan. This company has now taken the world by storm with the production of high quality and affordable chainsaws, garden equipment and power tools. The company has recently became the talk of town with the release of XWT12RB, XRH07PTU and XCV08Z models to rave reviews.

The company makes a huge amount of electric power tools. They have high quality standards for each of them which is formed from the Japanese philosophy of research and development, user testing and reliability. They have ventured into all corners of production producing both electric and gas powered chainsaws. Their chainsaw engine capability can range from 32cc all the way to 79cc.

The majority of buyers always go for the 50cc models because they are powerful and easier to handle. The machines can cut through thick chucks of woods because they have a long bar length. What this means is that depending on your personal needs and preferences, you will always find a perfect chainsaw manufactured by Makita especially if reliability and uniqueness is desired.


Black and Decker


There’s a good reason why we have decided to include this company in our list of top chainsaw brands. Whether you are talking about battery powered chainsaws, corded electric chainsaws or even gas powered chainsaws, you cannot forget Black and Decker. The company is situated in Towson Maryland in the USA. Over the time, this company gained popularity in the tree industry but on March 12th 2010, The Black and Decker Company merged with Stanley works to become Stanley Black and Decker. However, it still remains as a wholly owned subsidiary of that company.

The company has been in the market for a long time since 1910 in fact when S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker joined forces to form the company known as black and decker. For this reason, Black & Decker Company has dominated a fair share of the market’s supply. They have supplied chainsaws since the time when these machines were not very popular or even affordable in the market.

Black & Decker has over the time introduced a variety of models with each of them designed for a different range of tasks and functions. The electric models from this Company are very effective especially when performing small tasks around the yard and garden.

One thing that we believe makes machines from this company unique is the oiling and the tension systems. The majority of their chainsaws are designed to provide such ease to the user to the extent that the operator is able to perform the daily tasks without having to put in more effort.

Now that you know a little more about this company and what makes it unique, all that’s left is for you to decide what your requirements and specifications are before you select your saw of choice. Remember all the companies listed are well established and known for producing durable, safe and reliable machines over the years.  




This is another chainsaw manufacturer which has over the time proven its ability to produce quality and highly effective chainsaw models. The Oregon Company has been producing best in class chainsaw accessories such as Guide bars, chain bar oils, sprockets, files and much more including of course actual chainsaws.

With the vast industry expertise and established network, the company offers a wide variety of chainsaw models to suit every need for the chainsaw market. Their products are manufactured using the best quality in terms of materials, experienced know-how and the efficient models of production and testing.


  • As we have already stated, the company is destined to manufacture long lasting machines. For this reason, the company has used science and innovation to manufacture machines that are resistant to corrosion especially useful in cold and wet climates.
  • The other thing is durability. The products are tested and verified to be durable. The company has been in the market for a long time and has a proven track record.
  • The machines are designed with the state of the art know-how to make their designs attractive, useful and reliable.

The other reason why this company is becoming a father figure in the market is because they are offering high quality machines at a fair price. They are also implementing advanced technologies each day to ensure that their machines are safe to use even when the operator doesn’t have a huge amount of experience.

In addition, this company has been producing some of the most important chainsaw accessories and several other manufacturers have been relying on the company for tools and accessories when developing their chainsaws. They have at the same time hired a couple of experienced engineers to ensure that the machines made and the accessories put on the market are of a high quality. The experts have a mandate of ensuring they keep analyzing the market requirements and design machines to suit what the market needs at that specific time.

One of the most recent great Oregon innovations is the Powersharp chainsaw sharpening system that is included in the Oregon CS1500 model and many of the Oregon rechargeable chainsaw models. This innovative feature gives operators an opportunity to automatically sharpen their machines by merely pulling a red lever. The process of sharpening the machine can take less than 3 seconds without using any other tools or spending time sharpening your chain manually.

We spent a lot of time trying to find a good competitor for the Oregon Company in terms of innovation and the reality of the matter is that this company will remain at the top of the list. They have since time in memorial set their vision to create innovations which are destined to solve the user problems which keeps them at the forefront of chainsaw product manufacturing.




If you take 10 random loggers and ask them which machine they are using for their gardening needs, over 4 of them will tell you that they have at one point or other owned a Stihl machine.

The Stihl Company is named after Andrew Stihl who was an engineer and a top inventor in the chainsaw industry. It is a Germany Chainsaw manufacturer with its headquarters based in Waiblingen, Baden-Wurttemberg near Stuttgart in Germany. It is a privately held company owned by the descendants of the founder.

Although the majority of the people have different experiences with chainsaws, many of them believe that Stihl machines are very efficient and long lasting. The machines are also made by experts and with long lasting durable materials. For this reason, they are safer to operate and also have minimal breakdowns. The Stihl ethos is somewhat engrained in the overall German philosophy of manufacturing quality well engineered products that function well and have an added feeling of quality and durability.

After conducting a comprehensive interview with Stihl enthusiasts we discovered that the majority of them love this brand because the machines have the low-end torque that is needed to power through the toughest pieces of the woods.




This is a Chinese Chainsaw manufacturing company which has over more recent years made their name in global chainsaw production, through the supply of high quality and durable machines globally. They have put in some extra effort to make highly effective machines to perform heavy duty tasks.

There are several home owners who have at one point in life used their products and have since then been a living testimony of how effective and durable their machines are. The majority of the users are satisfied with the functionality of their top models. This has earned the company a superior reputation when it comes to the chainsaw production at pocket friendly prices that ensure value for money.

The company is a leading producer of corded electric machines, battery powered and also gas powered chainsaws. They offer their products at a very competitive prices which has increased the demand for their chainsaws worldwide and indeed improved the reach of their brand at the same time.

Among the best battery powered chainsaw models are the Greenworks 40V and 80V models. They don’t only offer cheap products but they also ensure that the user is covered in case there is an issue. Their chainsaws have up to 2 years warranty which means that within this period of time, you are able to return the machine and get it repaired or replaced if any issue arises. What this means is that The Greenworks Company has high confidence in their products and is a sure sign of a quality machine.


Snow Joe and Sun Joe Manufacturers


We cannot close the article without talking about The Snow Joe and Sun Joe Manufacturing Company. Although the majority of people think that this company is a middle level chainsaw manufacturer, we felt that it is worth a mention because of their quality and long lasting chainsaws.

Indeed it is quite possible that you probably never even heard of this company before, even if you have experience with chainsaw brands in the past.

They have been in the market for a satisfactory period of time and so you can be sure that they have established enough experience and might be worth checking out.

The company is dedicated to delivering high quality cutting and sharpening materials at an affordable price. If your cutting needs are limited and you just wants a machine to help you trim branches, then this company has got you covered.

It is a leading producer of a number of high quality electric chainsaws. They are also dedicated to building and producing cutting materials that are used during the winter. Almost all of their products are designed to provide ease of use and comfort for the user. If you want pole saws or even rechargeable chainsaws, then that is what Snow Joe and Sun Joe manufacturers excel at with their range of chainsaw tools and accessories.


The Bottom Line


So to wrap up the reality of the matter is that there are several chainsaw manufacturers out there. Each of them has a way of producing their chainsaw models to suit the needs of their customers and the wider market in general.

For this reason, if you are considering choosing a new chainsaw, you should first of all decide your use and preference options before you make up your mind on the chainsaw type to select.

Hopefully we have helped you in establishing what top chainsaw brands exist and what makes them the most reliable and suitable choice when going about selecting a chainsaw. The above mentioned brands are some of the best chainsaw manufacturers out there. Don’t hesitate to look at different models from these manufacturers in order to select the one that will fit your needs perfectly.

If you are considering buying a chainsaw then we recommend checking out Rechargeable Chainsaws. They offer the best in terms of weight, ease of use, reliability, cleanliness and simplicity. They are ideal for small and medium cutting tasks around the home, garden and farm.

If you feel there are other top chainsaw brands that should be included on the list above then please feel free to leave a comment in our Rechargeable Chainsaw Blog Section. If you have used any of the brands above and would like to share your thoughts or experiences please do so.

Thanks Folks and Happy Cutting!