Rechargeable Chainsaws

What are Rechargeable Chainsaws?


A chainsaw by definition is a portable device that is used to cut small and medium sized and even large sized branches and trees using teeth attached on a rotating chain. Chainsaws are generally used to trim trees, cut logs, pruning small branches and much more. For a long time, chainsaws have been powered by petrol engines. There are several problems associated with petrol engine powered chainsaws that century scientists needed to resolve and correct which they have done.

Petrol chainsaws were and indeed still are a source of environmental pollution with noise and fumes emanating from their engines. Not to mention the health and safety risks associated with petroleum based power sources. Recently, scientists and designers have invented and developed a new type of chainsaw that resembles and works the same as a petrol powered chainsaw but is instead powered by a rechargeable battery. These machines are ecofriendly, easy and simple to work with and most importantly more cost effective.

With Rechargeable Chainsaws you are getting all the benefits of a gas powered chainsaw without any of the frustrating and annoying drawbacks. No more mixing of smelly explosive fuel, no more smoke, no more excessive noise, no need to buy fuel and two stroke oil, no more starting problems. We could go on and indeed we will in future posts. We cannot sing the praises of these wonderful saws enough! Why? Well because they just happen to such a joy to work with, compared to the other alternatives mainly plug in electric and fuel powered chainsaws.

There are several names for Rechargeable Chainsaws. They are sometimes called battery powered chainsaws, battery operated chainsaws, cordless chainsaws and battery chainsaws. It is worth noting though that an electric chainsaw is not the same thing.

Electric chainsaws are different they refer to the types of chainsaws that you need to plug into a socket and power is supplied to them through a wire cord that is tethered to the saw itself. These saws are restrictive in their nature and pose a safety risk, as there is a potential to cut through the power cord accidentally.

The Benefits of Rechargeable Chainsaws


Many of you reading this are thinking that’s all well and good but surely a battery powered chainsaw may not be the most powerful chainsaw? Well truth be told this was indeed the case for some years. The saws were limited in their ability to operate for any sustained period of time and were heavy and cumbersome.

There were two main reasons for this, firstly the battery technology some years ago was based on heavy lead acid units similar to those in automobiles and motorbikes. These types of batteries are fine at producing current for short periods but are not suitable for longer working periods where the energy draw on them is high and fluctuating. Secondly the electric motor technology used in these early test saws was focused on technology invented at the turn of the century.

So how has everything now changed to the point where a rechargeable chainsaw is now a viable option against the vast majority of petrol alternatives? Well for these exact same reasons. You see technology and research and development is moving at such a pace now that what was once deemed as being inadequate is now being turned on its head into a product deemed far more superior. None more so than with battery technology!

Rechargeable Batteries have been developed to such an extent that it is now possible for the largest of machines like cars, vans, trucks and even airplanes can be powered by them. New methods of construction mean they are lighter and stronger and new chemical selection means they are able to develop huge amounts of power for longer periods. The same can be said for the new types of electric motors used which are quieter, lighter and a lot more efficient helped mainly due to their brushless technology.

Forget fossil fueled and plug-in electric chainsaws. Rechargeable chainsaws are the future. They are the easiest to use, require very little maintenance and are without doubt the best fit for your gardening needs.

They are now one of the most useful gardening tools you can find. With a battery powered chainsaw, you don’t have to keep mixing oil to fuel, cope up with the noise and smoke like you have to do with petrol powered chainsaws.

Petrol powered chainsaws also pose health risks to users ranging from hearing problems caused by the noise to breathing problems as a result of inhaling poisonous carbon based petrol fumes.

Petrol powered chainsaws can be a nightmare to start especially if they have been left for long periods without being used over the winter for example. They require a steeper learning curve regarding the technical knowledge and understanding that is needed in order to repair and maintain them.

More and more people are turning to battery powered chainsaws, because they require little know-how to repair and maintain. The aim of this site is to hopefully inform as many people as possible about the awesome benefits these chainsaws can bring to the lives of many people across the world.

These battery operated chainsaws are an ideal starter saw because they are light, easy to use and don’t require any advanced knowledge that gas powered saws do.

Everything from fitting the chain, sharpening the teeth and tightening the chain has been made a whole lot easier. The other reason why we recommend battery chainsaws for your garden needs is because they are just so quite. This is a huge plus especially if you live in a built up area or some area sensitive to noise.  Essentially you are less likely to pose a noise problem to your neighbors and passersby if you are fond of gardening and use tools on a regular basis to keep it in tip top shape.

How Rechargeable Chainsaws Work


Most market level rechargeable chainsaws are suitable for handling work on trees and branches up to 16 inches in diameter. They have an electric powered motor instead of an engine that is used to power the chain on the bar. The chainsaws chain for those of you not familiar with chainsaws is fitted with sharp teeth that grid the wood you want to cut. Chainsaws work in a different way to a knife for example. When someone says they are cutting with a chainsaw the process is one of essentially grinding little bits of wood with a chain that rotates around a chain bar. It is this constant grinding away wood that allows the user to cut through a log or branch or other vegetation.

Once the battery is low, you can recharge it and return back to work, or indeed if you have a spare battery simply swap out the battery and continue on. Battery powered chainsaws are so easy and simple to operate compared to gas powered chainsaws. They are manufactured using the most recent technology and as a result they are highly functional.

They have a trigger button to power the motor on and off as opposed to those gas powered chainsaws, that require you to use a lot of energy to pull the starting pull cord to get the engine running. The real beauty is, you and the people around you don’t have to put up with the noise and fumes produced by gas powered chainsaws alternatives. You don’t even need to spend money on fuel! You just simply plug the battery into its charger and it charges in next to no time!

Working with a Rechargeable Chainsaw


Now that you have an idea of what these saws are.  You may have already see these saws in action if not then we recommend you check out the rechargeable chainsaws in action here.

The first thing to consider before buying and using a battery powered chainsaw, is to get an insight into what you should look out for when buying a saw of this nature. If you are looking for a saw to trim, prune and cut small or medium sized trees in your garden, then a rechargeable chainsaw is a great companion. The same is true even for professionals, farmers and tasks that require more robust use in this brief, we are going to outline some of the most important features that you should look for when deciding on a battery powered chainsaw.

Tool-Less Chain Tensioning


Compared to those gas powered chainsaws, some of the rechargeable chainsaws on the market feature a tool-less chain tensioning system. This means you can tighten or loosen the saws chain without having to dig a screwdriver into the cover and manually loosen bolts and make adjustments.

If you notice that your chain is getting loose, then you just need to stop it for a minute. You can then adjust the chain with a simple twist, without having to search for and use multiple tools at a time. Therefore, this is another very important feature worth considering, before selecting a rechargeable chainsaw for the task in hand.

Lithium Batteries


Advanced battery technology means that battery powered chainsaws have become strong and powerful. These batteries are developed with the newest and the most reliable technology. They offer far better performance and they are reliable too.

Some of you may already know that older type battery powered tools and machines tended to lose power as the battery lost its charge. With Lithium ion batteries, this is history. What this means is that your rechargeable chainsaw will not lose power as the battery charge reduces. It will keep running with maximum power right to the very end.

The other thing worth mentioning is that Lithium batteries offer a longer battery life than all the other batteries currently on the market. You are more likely to stay operational for a longer period of time when your machine operates on a Lithium powered battery. Lithium batteries take a short time to charge which means down time is reduced and you are more likely get back to work and stay operational for a longer.

Voltage and Amp Hours


Cordless come with a range of battery options in much the same way you can buy gas powered engines in various cc sizes. Make sure you choose the one with a good voltage and also check the number of amp hours. Usually the larger the number the better in terms of both. Some of the best manufacturers in the market usually produce 80 volt cordless saws and 4ah and greater amp hour batteries. Ensure you check the voltage and amp hours before finalizing your purchase. Generally but not always the price of a battery powered chainsaw is linked to the power and voltage of the battery. The higher the saws power output the higher the price of the saw in most cases.

Battery Weight


Nobody wants a heavy machine that will make you tired after using it for less than thirty minutes. If you happen to choose lithium batteries for your chainsaws, then you have made the best decision. Lithium batteries are lightweight. If you are not a muscular lumberjack and if you are not used to working in a tiring environment, then this is a real plus.

Some of the lightweight machines feature batteries with a shorter lifespan. However, if your gardening needs don’t need a lot of work, then a more lightweight rechargeable chainsaw is a perfectly good option for you. We recommend checking and comparing the overall weight and battery life of these saws to gauge between the available options for the best deal.

Automatic Bar Oiler


Although these battery operated cordless chainsaws have eliminated many of the associated headaches, you still need to keep the chain bar well lubricated to reduce friction between the chain that spins rapidly and the bar that remains stationary.

You can look for a rechargeable chainsaw with an automatic bar oiler. The automatic bar oiler will automatically apply oil on the bar and keep it lubricated. You then don’t have to stop time to time to oil the bar because this will increase the downtime.

This will help ensure that your chainsaw is running smoothly and there is no excess wear and tear taking place during its operation.



We hope this post was helpful in opening your eyes to the potential that these rechargeable chainsaws possess. We have touched on just a few of the topics concerning these saws in this post. Future posts will develop on the most relevant information regarding the selection, use and care and maintenance of these saws.

If you found this post helpful and you are considering switching from your current gas/petrol powered saw to one of these we would love to hear from you. Maybe you are looking for your first saw in which case please share any questions or thoughts you may have and we will do our best to advise you.

If you have one of these saws and would like to share your experience of it or indeed answer someone else’s question with a quick comment please feel free we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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