Why Choose a Rechargeable Chainsaw

Why Choose a Rechargeable Chainsaw?


If you need a chainsaw for trimming small trees and branches in your back yard, in your garden, on your farm or even for professional work, then a rechargeable chainsaw is going to be a great option for you. Although, rechargeable chainsaws can be slightly more expensive, they have many benefits over more well-known fuel powered chainsaws.

The smaller capacity models may not be the most powerful chainsaws on the market however the larger powered rechargeable chainsaws will work perfectly for you time after time. Some people say that cordless electric chainsaws and rechargeable chainsaws require minimum maintenance. That’s the reason we also like these rechargeable chainsaws, and highly recommend them especially to beginners who have little or no knowledge in operating a chainsaw.

The battery of a rechargeable chainsaw is likely to get low after few hours of activity and that’s why they are recommended for smaller cutting activities, although this can be offset with bigger battery capacity or simply using more than one battery essentially battery rotation.

In this post, we are going to share some of the reasons why you should get a rechargeable chainsaw as opposed to a fuel powered chainsaw. So let’s get started then on some of the reasons why these saws are a great choice compared to their antiquated cousin the fuel powered chainsaw.

Ease of use


Rechargeable chainsaws are easy to operate and use whatever the task may be. They are much easier to use compared to their gas powered counterparts. They will save you tons of time on larger jobs because they are reliable and work instantly with little fuss. Rechargeable chainsaws have a button which you press to prepare the saw for cutting. To start the saw you then press a trigger button in a similar way to conventional saws. To stop the motor when you are done trimming or cutting you just depress the trigger button and the saw stops, it’s that simple.

Gas powered chainsaws require a lot of motor priming and for those of you who have operated them previously, endless cord pulling is often needed to start the engine (if it starts that is). The back breaking cord pulling and the weight of the machine from the extra gas tank and engine makes gas powered chainsaws harder to work with, especially for those people with little experience or people who are not pumping iron in the gym five days a week. This is one of the reasons why you should consider strongly these rechargeable chainsaws. Let’s go on now and outline a few more reasons, because as everyone knows a bird never flew on one wing!

Talking about fuel, you won’t need any


If you have ever owned a gas operated chainsaw then you will know what we’re talking about when we say, you incur a lot of expense when operating a gas powered chainsaw. They consume a lot of gas and also require routine maintenance. With the increasing price of fuel and the rising price of spare parts and maintenance servicing costs, you can expect that you will use up considerably more of your hard earned cash when operating and maintaining a gas powered chainsaw.

With rechargeable chainsaws, you are only required to plug the battery charger into the source of electricity usually a household plug and wait a short period for the battery to recharge. Household electricity works out far cheaper and you will not incur the same expense as fuel and there is a lesser need for routine maintenance as you would have with a fuel powered chainsaw.

Minimum pollution, both noise and air


Do you know what the noise from a gas powered engine can do to you? Wellbeing to the noise and air pollution from a gas powered chainsaw can lead to hearing and breathing problems, especially if the right protective equipment is not worn. This excessive noise can be a real drawback in suburban and residential settings. With battery powered chainsaws, you will not experience these kind of issues. They are generally silent and emit no harmful toxic fumes.

This is another reason why you should consider buying a rechargeable chainsaw for your garden needs. There’s a quietness factor when cutting trees which adds to the overall user experience of these saws. You will actually enjoy cutting wood with these saws. It’s a more tranquil experience overall.  Rechargeable chainsaws generally cause little or no air and noise pollution, which is great for you, your neighbors and of course the environment. 



If you use a chainsaw for your own home use and you go a long time without using it, then there’s not a whole lot to be worried about, since there is no fuel to go bad and prevent the saw from operating the next time you try to start it. The only thing you should do is periodically check the battery and charge it from time to time if it loses some of its energy.

You will not have to worry about the condition of your engine either, because it is non-existent and the motor only has a three or four moving parts so there’s less chance of something going wrong or breaking in the long run.

Also just because these saws use a battery and electric motor doesn’t mean they aren’t tough or durable. In fact they are just as tough as any petrol chainsaw.



A battery operated chainsaw feels a lot safer when especially when moving between areas when cutting trees. A gas powered chainsaw looks and feels a lot more risky when you need to move around with a running engine. It can be a lot more intimidating for the novice. It’s a widely held belief amongst most hobbyists and DIYers, that a gas powered chainsaw requires a lot of effort and usually takes a lot of time to get going. What this means is that most people are likely to move with a running engine from one tree to the other, rather than switch off the engine and go to the effort of starting it again. This wastes fuel and creates unnecessary noise compared to a rechargeable chainsaw.

Cutting power


Although some people complain about the cutting power of battery operated chainsaws, this is a sweeping statement that is simply not true in most cases. The medium sized machines are without doubt the best fit for small cutting needs at home. You will not struggle at all when cutting firewood or trimming trees in your garden, just check out the videos of them in operation and see for yourself. Rechargeable chainsaws are designed to do the work of a medium sized gas powered chainsaw. If you don’t need a chainsaw for commercial use or for use in cutting huge stacks, then you should buy one of these medium sized battery operated chainsaws. If you do need to use your saw for commercial and professional use you will be better served by the larger powered battery saws.



Another good thing about rechargeable chainsaws is that you just have to press a button and the machine starts operating immediately, once there is charge in the battery of course. As opposed to the gas operated chainsaws where engine starting needs a lot of priming and pulling of a cord several times to get it to start. Gas powered chainsaws can occasionally get flooded. This is when too much of the gas flows to the carburetor and into the engines cylinder.

This is one more headache these special battery saws will leave you without. Battery operated chainsaws will never get flooded because there is no gas to flow. Gas operated machines also need gas mixing to ensure the engine is correctly lubricated otherwise the engine will overheat and either seize up or explode from the inside out, luckily this is not the case with rechargeable chainsaws.



Battery operated chainsaws are easy to store compared to gas operated chainsaws. They sometimes come with convenient storage and transport cases that make it simple to store and carry them to the field. Gas operated chainsaws require a lot of work to store them. You have to remove the gas and oil from the machine before storing them away. They cannot be left in certain places because they smell of fuel and you run the risk of fire or spills. You also need to carry around extra containers for engine oil and fuel which just adds a level of complexity to what should be a simple task.

They also need several checkups during their storage time. If you are storing a gasoline operated machine for a period exceeding 30 days, you have to undertake several measures that are especially tiresome and overwhelming, and if not done it may lead to trouble down the line from hesitant starting or parts seizing up.

Automatic bar-oiler


Rechargeable chainsaws have an automatic bar oiler which undertakes the task for you. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of time opening the bar cover to oil it.  Most people don’t like dealing with chainsaw hardware and hence they will usually find it a challenge to oil a chainsaw manually or to even open the tanks to check if the oil is full or not.

One challenge with certain battery operated chainsaws people feel is that they don’t have the strength to handle the same cutting conditions that gas operated chainsaws could handle. Like with everything the answer to this often comes down to selecting the correct tool for the task at hand.

You could easily say the same thing if you select an underpowered gas chainsaw and expect it to work in the same way as a professional contractor’s machine. Cutting a tree of more than 12’’ will require you to select the right saw for the task. If you don’t select the correct saw for the task you will almost certainly get mixed results when using a battery powered chainsaw.

Luckily that is what this site aims to do! We aim to give you all the most relevant information you need, in order to help you choose the correct battery powered chainsaw and provide all the other necessary tips and tricks as well as all the useful information you need to use and maintain your chainsaw and also make your life a whole lot easier.



So hopefully at this point you are starting to warm to the idea of how these type of battery operated chainsaws can make your life simpler in so many ways. If it’s a case that you have used a gas powered chainsaw religiously for many years, now might be a great time to switch to the newer type battery alternative and enjoy the benefits that it will bring.

If you enjoy gardening and have bushes and trees that need an occasional trim, but you hate the idea of using anything petrol powered because of the hassle involved, then these type of saws will be an ideal solution for you.

Given the above advantages of using a rechargeable chainsaw and the string of issues that come with using gasoline operated chainsaws, it is a good idea to go with battery operated chainsaws in very many cases. We will develop and expand upon this recommendation in future posts so please check those out.

As always we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions and indeed any questions you may have on rechargeable chainsaws of any kind. It is through these thoughts and recommendations that other people will be able to understand a whole lot more, on the benefits and possible drawbacks of these rechargeable chainsaws.  

If you have recently purchased a rechargeable chainsaw or indeed you are considering buying a particular type, then please share your views or queries on it. In that way you or someone reading this will benefit from the knowledge of others.

p.s: If you found this post or site useful then please share it with others who you think, might benefit from the information contained in it.  

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